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Noah In Recovery

Noah in recovery after his surgery

Update:Noah’s surgery went perfect which is a relief and even after he woke up from recovery he didn’t seem to mind/notice the incisions.

We also got the results from the spinal tap which were clear. They will do another in 1-2 weeks to check again but so far so good.


This morning Noah was prepared for surgery to have two procedures done:

  • implant a portacath to make treatment and labs, etc much easier (especially for a baby)
  • perform a spinal tap to ensure no abnormal cells have infiltrated his spinal fluid and CVS

They say that these are quite common procedures even on babies and they will put him fully under so it shouldn’t be too bad for him aside from being a bit sore from the small incisions for a few days.

The portacath is really a great option because Noah has twice ripped his IV lines out from his hands. Will post an update afterwards on how everything went.

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