Surgery #2 (Portacath Replacement)

by Chad Keck on March 13, 2012 · 0 comments

In good spirits before surgery

Noah had  to have surgery again yesterday morning to replace his broken portacath. Right now he is recovering from that and will get a few days to rest before some strong chemo starts again next Monday (3 days per week). The doctors still don’t know why the top membrane in the old portacath clogged up like it did (supposed to be rare) but the surgery went well and the surgeon was able to move it over slightly to get some fresh skin over the access site. This will let his other skin that has been poked constantly for the past 2 months heal up a bit.

Chest x-ray showing the portacath and catheter to the heart

Since Noah’s been home this past week his mucositis has also gotten a lot better. It’s still around but no where near how bad it was in the hospital. We are hoping this won’t be an issue going forward since there aren’t such large continuous doses of chemo planned (we hope). There are however different types of chemo some of which have their own bad side effects. Time will tell but he has been very resilient through some of the worst of it so far! All the thoughts, well wishes and prayers help — thank you.

Noah in recovery getting a bit of sleep

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