Treatment Delayed

by Chad Keck on May 21, 2012 · 0 comments

I should have posted an update sooner since so many have been asking how Noah’s treatment in the hospital was progressing. Unfortunately the other week when he was scheduled to be admitted we noticed something that looked like a rash around his mouth. After another day or two his eye had almost swollen shut. Apparently it was some sort of bacterial infection but from what we do not know. After about 10 days of antibiotics, eyedrops and cream for the rash it’s is all looking better so not to worry.

He also needed blood last week so we are kind of glad his treatment was delayed. His red blood counts had been a little low for weeks but not low enough to require a transfusion. They ended up dropping below the threshold so he was able to get some fresh blood and now seems to be in much better shape. I think this will help during the upcoming round of chemo.

Thank you all for the continued prayers, thoughts and concern. It means a lot that so many of you are intently watching his blog and reaching out to follow his progress. I’ll post some updates throughout the next two weeks while he is in the hospital (for sure this time). I also have some great pictures and video to share so stay tuned.

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