July Update

by Chad Keck on July 25, 2012 · 0 comments

It’s been a while again since the last update (sorry)…so much has been going on!

After a few weeks of rest and waiting for his counts to recover Noah was admitted last week for another high-dose chemo treatment, but this time he received ara-c which can be quite dangerous in high-dose form. All went well and he was out in just three days which is a very good sign. We’ve had to keep a close eye on him and restrict who he can see due to how low his counts are however. The chemo is still in his system and wreaking a bit of havoc on his immune system (but that is the plan).

Today Noah received another blood transfusion to help get his white blood cell and hemoglobin counts back up. He certainly seemed a bit refreshed afterwards and tomorrow we will get another update on what the next steps are. I’m assuming it’s more chemo at the clinic as usual. The next high-dose treatment shouldn’t be for a while, at least I hope not.

Noah is getting close to the end of his consolidation phase of therapy if all continues to go well (a few more months). After this he will go into maintenance therapy while can last for 2-3 years as long as there is no relapse.

Consolidation therapy

Consolidation therapy, the second phase of chemotherapy, is also intense. It lasts about four to eight months. The goal of consolidation therapy is to reduce the number of disease cells left in the body. The drugs and doses used during consolidation therapy depend on the patient’s risk factors.

Maintenance therapy

If a patient stays in remission after induction and consolidation therapy, maintenance therapy begins. The goal is to destroy any disease cells that remain so that the leukemia is completely gone. Maintenance therapy is less intense than the other two phases. It may last two to three years.

I usually post a few new pictures with each update but I think I’m going to post a gallery soon so stay tuned. Thank you everyone for all the continued support, we really appreciate it!

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