Almost Done With Consolidation Therapy

by Chad Keck on September 23, 2012 · 0 comments

We have some good news to share! Noah finished the 3 week regiment of chemo that I mentioned in my last update and all went well. He then had to do another small regiment of steroids and is on one more 3 week round of the same treatment (methotrexate + a different drug in pill form daily). Once these next few weeks are done and assuming all goes well again this will likely mark the end of Noah’s consolidation therapy phase! He is doing extremely well so far aside from some random odd fluctuations with his blood counts but nothing that was major enough to set him back or that wasn’t expected due to the medication.

The other great thing is that he will get about a 1 month break after this regiment of drugs before the maintenance therapy begins which will be really nice. Of course we have to keep an extra close eye on him and he will still have to be at the doctor at least 3 days a week for blood tests but it’s better than nothing.

All that said, Noah is technically in remission due to how the cancer and drugs are reacting but he is no nearly out of the woods yet. Maintenance therapy can last for another few years and we just have to stay positive and hope that the cancer does not try to rear it’s ugly head again.

As promised, here are some more recent pictures we’ve been wanting to share. I’m about to post some videos as well, we hope you all enjoy them.

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