November Update

by Chad Keck on November 19, 2012 · 2 comments

Well it’s been quite a while since the last update…a lot has been going on. I had mentioned that Noah was almost done with his consolidation therapy but not as close as we thought. He has been on constant chemotherapy since then both at home and some high-dose treatments in the clinic without a break. His blood counts overall were high enough so his doctor just moved forward with his treatment without a break to stay agressive against the cancer.

Overall Noah has been doing very well with the occasional day where you can tell he is really tired or just not feeling great but those are rare for him. He had also grown out a lot of his hair recently but this just started falling out right after Halloween. Now he’ll have to start fresh again but that’s ok 🙂

He got to enjoy Halloween and had a great costume that his Grandma and Zahra pieced together. Can you guess? Woody from Toy Story (see the pictures below).

What’s next? Noah just finished up a long regiment of chemotherapy at home and will get a few days off this week and will be straight back to the clinic all week next week for more high-dose treatment. If everything goes well for a few more weeks I believe he will be moving into the next phase which is a still a lot of chemo but spread out every other week.

I’ll make sure we post some more regular updates here for everyone. Noah is doing very well though and thank you for continuing to check in on him and as always, thank you for the ongoing support!

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