One Year Down – Two More To Go

by Chad Keck on January 19, 2013 · 0 comments

We hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas, New Years or anything else you might celebrate đŸ™‚ We certainly did and it was good to have Noah at home this time (last year he was admitted right after Christmas before his birthday and New Years).

2012 was a bit of a rough year as you might have guessed but we made it through what seemed to be the tough parts and now Noah has officially transitioned into the “maintenance therapy” portion of his treatment. This is very exciting as he is making slow but steady progress, however there is still a long road ahead. During his maintenance phase he will still be on a considerable amount of medication and still has to see his doctor at least 3 days per week but the schedule itself is a little more consistent. One week of chemo at the clinic plus a regiment of steroids, then various chemo at home for 3 weeks, rinse and repeat. Plus the occasional spinal to make sure everything there looks good. We’ve been doing this now for about six weeks and getting the hang of it. Noah may end up puffing/swelling back up a bit for a long period due to the steroids but we can’t do anything about that unfortunately.

We had a small scare during the holidays after Noah had been around a few too many people. He caught something and very quickly came down with a very dangerous fever for him, spiking up to almost 103 (they usually admit kids on chemo like this at 100.5), but his doctor was able to get it under control pretty quickly after some antibiotics and fluids at the clinic right after we noticed…phew! Other than that he has been really good and a happy camper as usual.

In early December Noah attended the Kory Kubecka Santa Run breakfast which is a wonderful fundraiser in memory of one of his doctors former patients. There he received several gifts that he really wanted and got to be with Santa on stage. Noah ended up in several clips on the news and I was hoping to post the video here but the news website took it down for some reason. I’ll track it down somehow and post it later as soon as I find it.

Noah also had a great 2nd birthday this year. When he spiked that high fever we thought me might end up in the hospital for his second birthday in a row but luckily that didn’t happen. He was practicing blowing out candles in preparation (video below) and his mom baked him a homemade banana and chocolate chip cake which he and everyone else loved.

I’ll check in after a few weeks and post another update and of course some more pictures. There probably won’t be much to report, but no news is good news most of the time. Thanks for continuing to check in!

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