Relapse Scare

by Chad Keck on June 16, 2013 · 0 comments

For several months now not much has changed in terms of Noah’s condition aside from minor tweaks in his therapy, which is what we want. These past 1-2 months have been a little different however.

Shortly after the last update, about mid-April, Noah woke up one morning with some severe swelling and pain in one of his testicles. The moment he woke up he was immediately complaining, refused to walk and kept telling us that something hurt. The swelling and discoloration was clear and we immediately took him to the clinic.

The thought was that he could have a hernia and I believe this is what his doctor was hoping it would be. After a day full of x-rays and ultrasounds this was ruled out. The main concern here was that Noah could be potentially relapsing with symptoms resembling testicular relapse which is a know occurrence in children with childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

His doctors also started noticing some significant changes (drops) in his granulocyte count and elevated liver enzymes. It was clear that something was going on but not 100% what. His blood itself didn’t show any specific signs so the decision was made to keep an eye on him closely for a few days and see what happened (swelling, pain, counts, etc). After 1-2 days the swelling was gone and Noah was bouncing around as usual but about a week later the swelling came back, this time for less than a day. No signs of swelling since.

Long story short, his granulocyte counts continued to drop to a very low number which was still a concern but everything else seemed to clear up on it’s own over a few week period. No more swelling, liver counts came back down, etc…everything but this one particular count. Last week Noah’s doctors went ahead and did a bone marrow biopsy along with his scheduled lumbar puncture to rule out anything serious and these tests came back clean/negative 🙂

We’re still not sure what caused the swelling/pain but we’ll just have to keep a close eye on him for a while. He seems to be feeling great however and is learning countless new things every day. He is talking in complete sentences most of the time and running circles around us, so we’re not too worried.

If anything changes I’ll be sure to update everyone here but it’s simply back to his regularly scheduled treatments with some minor adjustments to his chemotherapy.

Here are some recent pictures (check out the hair) and a video of him listening to his new favorite song on the piano:

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