Spring Update & Back To School

by Chad Keck on May 17, 2014 · 0 comments

We’re excited to let everyone know that Noah is continuing to do well with his treatments over the past several months and he is now well into his final year of treatment. He still has his good days and bad days with his various medications, but overall his counts are holding steady and all his routine tests (spinal taps, bone marrow biopsy, etc) are coming back clear. It’s pretty much a matter of managing through the side effects.

He did end up receiving four IVIG infusion treatments earlier this year. This is the treatment I mentioned that he received back in October for the first time. It helps boost someones immune system against certain types of infections. The temporary side effects can be pretty bad, but short-lived. Two of the treatments went well, one gave him some trouble and one of them made him really sick and we ended up in the hospital. It’s always hard to watch when there are known and common side effects that will make you feel extremely bad, but the protection to the immune system is worth it. There were a lot of bugs going around this Winter and he was able to stay safe from those which is most important.

The last thing I’ll mention is some great news we got the other week. Noah’s doctor gave us the thumbs up for Noah to go back to school, at least part-time. We can’t wait for him to get some time with other kids and an outside environment on a semi-regular basis. He loves playing with other kids but never gets enough time. This should help him socialize a bit more before he starts school in the near-future. Time is flying!

You may notice that we launched a new fundraiser through GiveForward (look to the right in the sidebar). We really appreciate all donations and every penny goes towards chipping away at the cost of Noah’s current and past treatments. Please do not feel obligated to donate. I’ll be posting some updated pictures and videos soon as well.

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