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Surgery Update

by Chad Keck on October 23, 2015 · 0 comments

First I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for the incredible support we’ve received so far. I cannot find the words to express our gratitude for everyone’s generosity, both in donations along with well wishes, prayer and an outpouring of support asking if we need help with anything else.

Also, a big thank you to those who have shared Noah’s GoFundMe campaign!


Noah had surgery on Monday along with several other procedures to kick-off his treatment and he has been recovering most of the week.

First he needed to have his port (port-a-cath) replaced since his old one could not draw blood. It was his third port and his doctor decided against replacing it so late in the process since we had planned to take it out soon. He also had to switch back to a double port, meaning they can hook him up to two IV lines at the same time. Unfortunately since he has had 3 ports and catheters previously, this led to significant scar tissue build up in the pulmonary vein they had been using, so they had to move the catheter to his ride side pulmonary vein (that’s what the incision on his neck was for). The surgeon who replaced the port told us the vein they had been using is pretty much dead/not working which is a bit scary, but apparently not uncommon. The body will apparently form smaller vessels around the scar tissue and get that blood to the heart by other means.

In addition to the port replacement they performed an LP (spinal tap) to check his spinal fluid again and begin his IT (intrathecal) treatment. That is chemo injected directly into the spinal column.

They also performed a bone marrow biopsy to check if there is any leukemic activity in his marrow which could lead to a transplant if positive. This would just be further complications so let’s hope that comes back clear.

This week Noah will also begin his 3 times per week regiment of IV chemo in addition to the treatment in his spine. He’s going strong so far, just getting over the pain of surgery, but still in good spirits.

I’ll post another update by this weekend hopefully with the results of the marrow biopsy and any other news.

Thank you again for all the love and support!

The Keck Family


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