A Few New Videos

by Chad Keck on September 23, 2012 · 1 comment

Here are a few new videos we thought everyone might like.

When they do a lumbar puncture he is given something to knock him out for about 10-15 minutes but this time around he never really went all the way to sleep. This is just a few minutes after the procedure and he didn’t want to rest so Zahra gave him a cookie while he was still a little loopy.

We took Noah out to Target the other night right before closing when the place was dead to look at their Halloween decorations this year. They have some neat stuff and a few scary items but all Noah would do is laugh at them. This was his first time at a store since getting diagnosed and he loves riding in a shopping cart so needless to say, he really enjoyed it but it probably won’t happen again for a while 🙁

Noah looking at Cookie Monster and obviously wishing he had a cookie too!

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Almost Done With Consolidation Therapy

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We have some good news to share! Noah finished the 3 week regiment of chemo that I mentioned in my last update and all went well. He then had to do another small regiment of steroids and is on one more 3 week round of the same treatment (methotrexate + a different drug in pill form daily). Once these next few weeks are done and assuming all goes well again this will likely mark the end of Noah’s consolidation therapy phase! He is doing extremely well so far aside from some random odd fluctuations with his blood counts but nothing that was major enough to set him back or that wasn’t expected due to the medication.

The other great thing is that he will get about a 1 month break after this regiment of drugs before the maintenance therapy begins which will be really nice. Of course we have to keep an extra close eye on him and he will still have to be at the doctor at least 3 days a week for blood tests but it’s better than nothing.

All that said, Noah is technically in remission due to how the cancer and drugs are reacting but he is no nearly out of the woods yet. Maintenance therapy can last for another few years and we just have to stay positive and hope that the cancer does not try to rear it’s ugly head again.

As promised, here are some more recent pictures we’ve been wanting to share. I’m about to post some videos as well, we hope you all enjoy them.


August Update

by Chad Keck on August 26, 2012 · 1 comment

The past few weeks have been relatively quiet without much to report. Noah’s treatment in the hospital in late July went relatively smooth but that particular chemo really had some long lasting effects on him and his blood counts. He was scheduled to start the next part of his treatment about 1-2 weeks after but it kept getting delayed due to his counts being off. After a few more weeks of rest and a few blood transfusions Noah is back on track, for the most part.

The week before last he started another regiment of steroids just for one week (the roid rage is always fun!) and this past week he had a spinal tap which came back clear plus some methotrexate. For the next few weeks he is getting a low-dose injection of methotrexate every Monday and then he is taking another chemo drug by pill every day for 3 weeks. We are one week in and so far so good. Will report on how things are looking in a few weeks.

And as you might expect, Noah is keeping a big smile on through it all! We are lucky to have such a happy kid who doesn’t seem to be phased by anything 🙂 Some pictures and video coming soon!

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Noah Sitting & Talking To Himself

by Chad Keck on July 27, 2012 · 5 comments

Noah has been quite talkative lately and also loves to come into my office, climb up onto this chair and just sit there and do nothing else. It’s quite amusing to watch 🙂


July Update

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It’s been a while again since the last update (sorry)…so much has been going on!

After a few weeks of rest and waiting for his counts to recover Noah was admitted last week for another high-dose chemo treatment, but this time he received ara-c which can be quite dangerous in high-dose form. All went well and he was out in just three days which is a very good sign. We’ve had to keep a close eye on him and restrict who he can see due to how low his counts are however. The chemo is still in his system and wreaking a bit of havoc on his immune system (but that is the plan).

Today Noah received another blood transfusion to help get his white blood cell and hemoglobin counts back up. He certainly seemed a bit refreshed afterwards and tomorrow we will get another update on what the next steps are. I’m assuming it’s more chemo at the clinic as usual. The next high-dose treatment shouldn’t be for a while, at least I hope not.

Noah is getting close to the end of his consolidation phase of therapy if all continues to go well (a few more months). After this he will go into maintenance therapy while can last for 2-3 years as long as there is no relapse.

Consolidation therapy

Consolidation therapy, the second phase of chemotherapy, is also intense. It lasts about four to eight months. The goal of consolidation therapy is to reduce the number of disease cells left in the body. The drugs and doses used during consolidation therapy depend on the patient’s risk factors.

Maintenance therapy

If a patient stays in remission after induction and consolidation therapy, maintenance therapy begins. The goal is to destroy any disease cells that remain so that the leukemia is completely gone. Maintenance therapy is less intense than the other two phases. It may last two to three years.

I usually post a few new pictures with each update but I think I’m going to post a gallery soon so stay tuned. Thank you everyone for all the continued support, we really appreciate it!


Happy 4th of July from Mr. Independent

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Hospital Recap

by Chad Keck on June 17, 2012 · 2 comments

He loves walking around in the grass. His first word might actually be “shoes” which is his way of telling us to take him outside!

I’m happy to report that Noah’s treatments in the hospital went relatively smooth this time around. After the first week he started to have some of the same symptoms as he did during the previous hospital stay but they were not nearly as severe. This being the case we were able to get in and out with no delays, thank goodness. All of his usual nurses were there and though they don’t want him to be in the hospital they certainly love to see him. He is apparently the “staff favorite” 🙂

Noah has been holding up surprisingly well as I’ve said before, especially considering the volume of chemotherapy drugs he is receiving. He almost always has a big smile on his face and is full of energy most days. One of his favorite things to do now is walk around outside regardless of the heat. We can’t (or shouldn’t) keep him out very long which he hates but it’s probably the highlight of his day, that or bath time. He also discovered the sprinkler the other day and enjoys walking right into the middle of the thing while it’s on. I guess I don’t blame him when it’s 100+ degrees out.

I’m a bit late with this update and he has had about 2 weeks to rest since getting out. We had to take him in for a blood transfusion and to get platelets last week but his blood counts are looking pretty good now. This coming week is another 5 day round of chemo from 8:30-5:30pm each day but in the doctors office. It should go smoothly but having a little one sit still for that long is always a challenge.

His big curl that keeps hanging on 🙂

Unfortunately Noah has lost most of the hair he did have left except for his one big curl, that one keeps hanging on! We’ve got some other great pictures and videos to share from the past few weeks so be sure to check back soon.


Noah Tasting A Lemon

by Chad Keck on May 30, 2012 · 2 comments

Noah’s Aunt came by to visit a few days ago while he was out of the hospital and decided to give him a lemon to taste. His reactions are priceless and he just keeps going at it!


Hospital Update

by Chad Keck on May 28, 2012 · 2 comments

Worn out during treatment

As I mentioned in the previous update, Noah went into the hospital last week for his first of two 24 hour doses of methotrexate. Overall it went well and there were no major complications. We had him stay until Friday morning so he could get some additional fluids and this really seemed to help. During the previous treatment he came in on a Monday and was sent home 2 days later and just seemed very lethargic.

We are going back tomorrow first thing in the morning for round 2 though. This is where things went downhill last time so we are hoping he sails though this time around. He got an extra day to rest due to the holiday so that will help as well.

I’ll be sure to update as soon as he comes home. Thank you for all the calls last week to check on him!



Treatment Delayed

by Chad Keck on May 21, 2012 · 0 comments

I should have posted an update sooner since so many have been asking how Noah’s treatment in the hospital was progressing. Unfortunately the other week when he was scheduled to be admitted we noticed something that looked like a rash around his mouth. After another day or two his eye had almost swollen shut. Apparently it was some sort of bacterial infection but from what we do not know. After about 10 days of antibiotics, eyedrops and cream for the rash it’s is all looking better so not to worry.

He also needed blood last week so we are kind of glad his treatment was delayed. His red blood counts had been a little low for weeks but not low enough to require a transfusion. They ended up dropping below the threshold so he was able to get some fresh blood and now seems to be in much better shape. I think this will help during the upcoming round of chemo.

Thank you all for the continued prayers, thoughts and concern. It means a lot that so many of you are intently watching his blog and reaching out to follow his progress. I’ll post some updates throughout the next two weeks while he is in the hospital (for sure this time). I also have some great pictures and video to share so stay tuned.